The Direction Is Set [06/07/13]


A month ago, an announcement was made heralding a mystery.
Evolution, a process by which we would shed the past for an exciting, bright new future.
You were told, not yet. Not yet.
But we’re ready to talk.
After much anticipation, Network Directors RJ Alden Lackie, Dan Taylor and Kyle West have come
together to announce new details for what
#evolution is planned to be. Here it is:
A new name.
A new website.
A new forum.
A new approach to content.
A new approach to education.
A new outreach to the industry.
A new start: August 10, 2013.
Building on what TEN has established to be a unique and beloved identity, Lackie, West and Taylor plan to start a new phase not just in TEN’s life, but in the life of the script series community. For almost a decade, our community has toiled in the shadows, but we are in a new era. An era of Netflix, DeviantArt, Kickstarter. Self-published eBooks, viral personal vlogs and webcomics as good as anything in stores. An era where the only barrier to respect is earning it. Not where you live. Not who you are. Not how many TV or feature credits are under your belt. Not your college degree.
The old rules are dying. Your work is the measure of who you are, now. 
And at our new home, we want to help you show the world what you have to offer.
Come join us, August 10, 2013


To hear more about the new chapter of TEN’s life,
click here to listen to Compass’ first podcast, Compass Echoes via iTunes.

Future Project Proposals #evolution

TEN is undergoing a relaunch via a wave of development we’re calling Evolution. As part of this exciting new time, we are developing a slate of new projects to première at time of launch and in the months after!

Note that, though the language below is a little more dry than we’ve been in the past, it’s because we’re trying to make the relaunch as badass as possible, and that includes injecting a little professionalism into our proceedings. Please don’t let it scare you off! We’re excited to work with you on new projects!

We will be looking at proposals for the following types of projects:

    • Script Series (Comedy/Drama/Webisode)
    • Nonfiction Podcasts (All Genres – Informational, Entertainment, Media, Sports, Talk, etc.)
    • Nonfiction Vlogs and Vodcasts (All Genres – Informational, Entertainment, Media, Sports, Talk, etc.)
    • Scripted Audio Series (Comedy/Drama/Webisode)
    • Scripted Video Series (Comedy/Drama/Webisode)
    • Scripted Fanworks/Devworks (Transformative derivative works, for more info see here)
    • Webcomics and Visual Storytelling
    • Digital Novels and Prose Projects
    • Editorial Columns and/or Media Reviews (TV, Movies, Music, Podcasts, Books, etc.)

While we may not commission projects of all of these different formats, we are keeping an open mind to all of them ahead of our relaunch and will consider all proposals equally. ALL NON-FANWORK/DEVWORK PROJECTS MUST BE WHOLLY OWNED BY AUTHOR OF PROPOSAL AND/OR FALL UNDER “FAIR USE” DOCTRINE.


    • Submit a max. 300-word proposal for your project, via private message, to our three Network Directors: RJ Alden Lackie (“Alden”), Kyle West (“kwest”), Dan Taylor (“dantay”). Please include the title, format, a brief synopsis, an expectation of your creative team (e.g. will you be creating it solo, do you have a creative partner, will you need to recruit partners/a staff and how many would you need?). Please mention at this stage if there is a sample available – a pilot script, opening video/podcast/etc. pilot, sample article/lesson, etc. but do not send sample with initial proposal.
    • The Network Directors will appraise your proposal. At this juncture we will either reject your project outright (likely this will either be because it does not fulfill the proposal requirements or is out of tone with our brand for the relaunch); reject the proposal with the option of reworking for resubmission; request an extended proposal; request a sample/pilot (if available) or excerpted sample (if author hasn’t yet begun working on said project).
    • The author will continue in conversation with the Directors, occasionally submitting new material as needed, until ultimately the project is commissioned or rejected.
    • If the project is accepted, herein the author of the proposal will be considered Author/Showrunner (henceforth ‘A/S’). The A/S will be given a forum on the ‘backstage development board’ for the site for their use if they wish, or may create one offsite for their purposes.
    • When the A/S and Directors are happy with the quality of the project, they will mutually negotiate a release date. For podcasts/vodcasts/video series/audio series, this will often require a specific number of completed episodes; for script series, this will often be a full-season run of scripts; etc.


Project creator owns all copyright to their projects, aside from fanworks/devworks which use creative elements owned by the copyright owner. The TEN team will offer their expertise to help ensure the project’s success at launch, and the project’s acceptance onto the network is intended as a chance for exposure to a passionate audience and to become part of a community; creators retain all right to their work and all right to exploit it for profit, including advertising monies and merchandise. Where we can help with advertising and merchandising, we may share the burden of effort for a share of profits; this will be an ongoing conversation with individual creators.

Upon acceptance of pickup, author will authorise TEN to use the copyrighted material (characters, excepts of works, etc.) in order to market the project and the community. They will also give the website a 12-month exclusive right (excluding personal blogs/YouTube channels) to show the work, after which the author can do what they wish with it, including continuing their relationship with TEN. This will include working with TEN to find a branding strategy that helps both A/S and TEN to benefit form the arrangement. This might include a logo or stinger on video projects, a logo on script series, a ‘brought to you by TEN’ comment on YouTube posts, or other formats.

Thanks so much for your interest in TEN’s #evolution. We are so excited to see the future with you. Please PM any questions or concerns to myself at the username “Alden” and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Let’s kick some ass!

^ Click the image to listen ^
Podcast #1
Hosted by
Dan Taylor

Kyle West

In the first podcast of the series, Dan is joined by Knight’s Haven Kyle West to chat about BBC One’s flagship sci-fi drama DOCTOR WHO, Joss Whedon’s horror flick THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, the recent Luis Suarez “biting scandal”, TEN’s Buddy System and much more…

Topic #1 – TEN: Us and TEN (1.00)
Topic #2 – Film: Box Office Top 10 (11.05), DVD of the Week: The Cabin in the Woods (24.02)
Topic #3 – VS Spotlight: Knight’s Haven (35.45)
Topic #4 – TV: Doctor Who (46:12), Games of Thrones (55.56)
Topic #5 – Music: Song of the Week (57:55)
Topic #6 – Football: Luiz Suarez (60:47), Champions League (69.10), Relegation Candidates (75.30)
Topic #7 – TEN: Buddy System (78.15)

Feel free to comment here, give us some suggestions for next time and
discuss some of the issues touched upon during the podcast.

Big Changes for 2013! [15/02/13]

You may have noticed some changes here on The Entertainment Network (Yes, we sometimes forget we’re not just called TEN sometimes too) and not just in the cosmetics department. 2012 was an exciting year for TEN – three new shows as well as the return of beloved older shows taking virtual series in directions it’s never been before – and 2013 is only going to be better.

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KNIGHT’S HAVEN: Season Finale


After weeks of brutal battles, the battered and bruised Sebastian is closer than he’s ever been to discovering the origins of the data chip, and the information it contains. But an attempt to seek help from Starfleet sets in motion a chain of events that will forever have ramifications for the crew of Haven, and Sebastian in particular.

In this shocking conclusion to the first season of Knight’s Haven, one rivalry finally comes to a head, whilst another leads to a fight for survival, as Sebastian finally learns why the data chip fell into his hands…

Set contains:

1×13 The Creator [season finale]

TEN NEWS: Series Renewals and Development News, Dec. 2012

The Entertainment Network has announced season pickups for four popular series, just in time for Christmas! In addition, some development news about their upcoming roster has leaked, as well as details for coming seasons of TEN series. Read below for more!

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MARVEL ORIGINS: Volume Three Premieres!


Successful webisode series Marvel Origins has returned for a third volume! The series takes characters from parent show X-Men: Rebirth and expands on their pasts to give reader a better view of their characters in the present. Previous volumes have explored the origins of recurring villains Emma Frost and Switch.


Airing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays over the course of a fortnight, this volume will explore the origins of Carol Danvers, a recurring antagonist from X-Men Rebirth‘s third volume. All episodes were written by X:R showrunner Tom EastCheck it out here!

Marvel Origins: Ms Marvel will start airing on the 10th December 2012.